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Attribute Value
Name run_ga4_deployment
ID decodedata-ga4.[region].run_ga4_deployment
Description Decoder deployment function for the Google Analytics 4 BigQuery Export event data.
Arguments ga4_dataset_id STRING, destination_dataset_id STRING, conversion_events ARRAY<STRING>, options JSON
Returns Creates the date-parameterised table function [destination_dataset_id].events(start_date DATE, end_date DATE) and a custom-generated, editable set of SQL user-defined functions: add_event_counts, decode_event_params and decode_user_properties which are also deployed to the destination_dataset_id dataset.
Dependencies decodedata-ga4-qb, bqtools

execution : run_ga4_deployment

The following command will profile the events in the ga4_dataset_id dataset and deploy the functions to the same dataset, with no custom conversion events and without any value exclusions from the event_names, event_params or user_properties output data.

CALL ``(ga4_dataset_id, ga4_dataset_id, [], TO_JSON(NULL))
CALL ``(ga4_dataset_id, ga4_dataset_id, [], TO_JSON(NULL))

Execution Sequence

The project_id suffix -qb denotes query-builder. This is the private code which compiles arguments and logic into SQL statements, which can then be executed or used to create or modify resources.

    actor bigquery_user
    participant ga4_dataset_id
    bigquery_user ->> decodedata-ga4: CALL: run_ga4_deployment
    decodedata-ga4 ->> decodedata-ga4-qb: BUILD: profile_events
     decodedata-ga4 ->> ga4_dataset_id: EXECUTE: profile_events

    ga4_dataset_id ->> decodedata-ga4: RETURN: event_profile.json
    decodedata-ga4 ->> decodedata-ga4-qb: BUILD: add_event_counts
    decodedata-ga4 ->> ga4_dataset_id: DEPLOY: add_event_counts 

    decodedata-ga4 ->> decodedata-ga4-qb: BUILD: decode_event_params
    decodedata-ga4 ->> ga4_dataset_id: DEPLOY: decode_event_params 

    decodedata-ga4 ->> decodedata-ga4-qb: BUILD: decode_user_properties
    decodedata-ga4 ->> ga4_dataset_id: DEPLOY: decode_user_properties 

    decodedata-ga4 ->> ga4_dataset_id: DEPLOY: events(start_date, end_date) 

Note that there are additional dependencies on the bqtools and bqtools-qb libraries to execute common actions such as resource creation and text parsing.