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Event Profiling

These objects and functions support profiling of GA4 or Firebase event data.


event_profile (JSON)

The event_profile object is a JSON representation of the observed values of event_names, event_params and user_properties in a Firebase or Google Analytics 4 events table.

Field Name Field Type Field Description
event_names ARRAY<STRING> All unique observed values for event_names in the observation time period.
event_params ARRAY<STRUCT<key STRING, values <ARRAY<STRUCT<type STRING, count STRING>>> Unique observed values for event_params.key in the observation time period, with event counts by data type.
user_properties STRING Unique observed values for user_properties.key in the observation time period, with event counts by data type.



Attribute Value
Name profile_events
ID decodedata-ga4.[region].profile_events
Description Analyzes date-filtered event data and returns a JSON summary of event_name, event_params and user_properties counts and data types.
Arguments dataset_id STRING, start_date STRING, end_date STRING, OUT event_profile JSON
Returns event_profile JSON
Dependencies None

execution: profile_events

CALL ``.profile_events(dataset_id, start_date, end_date, event_profile);
CALL ``.profile_events(dataset_id, start_date, end_date, event_profile);